Project Spotlight: Digital Traffic Management

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The Hamburg Port Authority continues to work on the road infrastructure to enable safe, efficient, and sustainable road traffic within the port and the city of Hamburg through innovation and new technologies. In this presentation, you will hear about the following different projects: • DLSA (Digitalization Traffic Lights and Infrastructure) is a project to upgrade the traffic management infrastructure of the port road system Hamburg. Main components are the introduction of the new OCIT-standard for the requirements of traffic management communication and the expansion of our BT- and thermo cam network for a better coverage of traffic situation information. • G4TC (Green for Transport Connect) follows the objective to make the traffic smoother in the range of road junctions. • MOZART (mobility improvement through traffic signals controlled by quantum-based artificial intelligence) is a new concept of traffic signal management with the help of new innovative processor hardware ("digital annealer").

Dominik Scheel, Traffic Project Manager - Hamburg Port Authority

Rando Schade, Traffic Project Manager - Hamburg Port Authority


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Dominik Scheel.
Dominik Scheel.
Rando Schade
Rando Schade

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