Project Spotlight: Unmanned Vehicles in the Port of Hamburg: PORTwings, RoboVaaS and Echo. 1

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Each of the following vehicles has its own reason for existing and, based on their advantages, can be leveraged for a specific application. Within the PORTwings drone programme, the HPA is dealing with the implementation and introduction of tele-operated drones (UAV´s) in the port of Hamburg. Currently, the HPA is testing the system in the operational environments "disaster control" and "intelligent port infrastructure management". RoboVaaS (Robotic Vessels as a Service) intends to revolutionise shipping and near-shore operations by offering on-demand robotic aided services via small unmanned vessels (UVs) such as unmanned underwater vessels (UUVs) and unmanned surface vessels (USVs) to support coastal maritime operations. HPA's hydrographic department operates four survey vessels to map the continuously changing seabed within the challenging port area. As a force multiplier and high-end add-on the autonomous surface vehicle “echo.1” is the unmanned twin of these multi-sensor vessels.

Christian Bahr, Senior Project Manager - IT Innovation & IT Strategy - Hamburg Port Authority

Benjamin Blanck, Project Manager - Hamburg Port Authority

Thomas Thies, Deputy Port Hydrographer - Hamburg Port Authority


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Christian Bahr
Christian Bahr
Benjamin Blanck
Benjamin Blanck
Thomas Thies
Thomas Thies

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