Alexandru Huzau

Chief Executive Officer-YLoad

Alexandru has been an entrepreneur in the fields of technology and digital marketing for over 15 years with numerous projects developed both in Romania and internationally. In 2008 he started a project in Turkey called ButikBook, a marketplace where manufacturers could easily connect to new clients in an automated way and make an exit to Alibaba. Alex’s next project was Snowexperience - a mobile app designed for winter sports enthusiasts where they could easily book hotels, rent equipment, and book tickets to parties and concerts with more than 20.000 users in just one year. The app was designed for the Bukovel ski resort in Ukraine which increased its annual tourist population from 2000 to 200.000 in less than 3 years. Today he is the CEO of @YLOAD where he is leading the transportation industry into a sustainable future ecosystem. In just 10 months Yload have 60K MAU and more than 1.5 MIL first-year revenue.

Alexandru Huzau- Content

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