Erica Long

Cyber Engagement Coordinator, U.S. Coast Guard

Ms. Erica Long is a career US Government Public Servant, currently filling a new position as the US Coast Guard (USCG) Cybersecurity Engagement Coordinator. In her role, Ms. Long synchronizes international engagements across the USCG to support the Cybersecurity Strategic Outlook implementation - the USCG vision to protect the Marine Transportation System and operate in cyberspace. Alongside her active duty military and government civilian counterparts, Ms. Long collaboratively works on projects with private sector stakeholders and likeminded international partners that strengthen global maritime security.

Prior to this role, Ms. Long planned and executed technical cybersecurity exercises with US Service Cyber Components and foreign partner allied militaries at US Cyber Command, Department of Defense. Earlier, Ms. Long served the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Headquarters as part of the Counterterrorism Policy staff, that empowered and resourced DHS components to conduct capacity building and security missions with foreign partners. Ms. Long started her career in the US Army, proudly deployed as intelligence support to tactical units and aided capacity building with Civil Affairs during two tours of Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan.

Ms. Long has been formally recognized by US Government organizations and foreign partners for her contributions to cyber training and force readiness. She is passionate about opportunities for technical exchanges, inclusive environments for learning, and the upcoming generation of security professionals, to support a modern workforce.

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