Roy Avrahami

Chief Innovation Officer-Ashdod Port Company

The port of Ashdod, Israel's port, is undergoing an unprecedented transformation and entering a world of innovation. The traditional and old industry has opened up to a new sea of opportunities, a blue ocean for startups.Integrating the Innovation Incubator 60 startup companies operate in five main areas: operations, logistics, energy, security and cyber.Ashdod port acts asa one-stop-shop the port offers its facilities as a sandbox for PoC's and acts as a design partner and after the PoC, the port can be a client or an investorThe Port of Ashdod has established a venture capital fund(CVC) with the help of which it invests in startups and so far 4 technologies of startups have been purchased which the implementation of the successful PoC's(proof of concept) at the port.

Roy Avrahami- Content

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